Yıldız Apartment, İstanbul Turkey

Ataşehir, a modern suburban district of Istanbul, Turkey, with a dense and heavily occupied geographic. It came to mind, to form an peaceful, functional space. To maximise the use of natural light, glass facade system was used and this became one of the most distinguished features of this house.

Examining the needs of a busy businessman’s life style, returning after a long business trip to his lifestyle… The design was made through a simple and discreet approach. In this process, genuine and perceivable materials were used, such as; solid wood, marble and epoxy.

Blending aesthetics and naturalness in the interior, the simplicity of white colour and the lead element wood was blended to create a warmth atmosphere. The relationship between the kitchen and dining area, through glass doors parted and joined quite transparent as well as two outlets. Marble table with wooden chairs, also benefiting from natural light, peaceful and inviting dining atmosphere was created.

Having the Living Room’s elevation at a difference level splits it from the other sections and creates his own characteristic habitat. The sectional in the split level living room at presents the logic. In addition for a much smoother blending. the couch was covered with gray fabric that will compliment any possible accents. Large antique columns and reliefs art, combined with the apartments natural lighting; has an air reminiscent different times in history. At the same time throughout the house, the right lighting concept uses the secret support of spatial light plinth has been smoothly achieved.

Entrance hallway and other rooms, with natural wood material; more fit to break the feeling of light, calmness, which represents health and abundance of green hues were used.